Most Handsome Man in Comilla in 2022

The Most Handsome Man in Comilla

Kafayet Ullah is the most handsome man in Comilla City under the Chittagong division in Bangladesh. He was born in Lalmai, Comilla, Chittagong, Bangladesh. He has completed his honors degree from the department of English Language from Comilla Victoriya Government College. So he is leading a bachelor’s life now. He has got many awards for his great contribution. Besides his academic qualities, God has given him a smashing look. Kafayet Ullah is considered the most handsome man in Comilla district.

Who is the most handsome man in comilla?

kafayet Ullah is the most handsome man in Comilla. He is handsome because he always looks smart and wears nice clothes. He also has a good personality and he likes to help people with their problems, so everyone loves him. Kafayet Ullah has been voted as the most handsome man by many people and he deserves it because he is so handsome that no one can beat him!

How did he win this title?

Kafayet Ullah has got his this title by winning a local competition. He is handsome and people say he is most handsome man in comilla. He won a lot of competitions and now he is most handsome man in comilla.

Kafayet Ullah was born on June 12, 2000 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. His father name is Md Farid Uddin and mother name is Shamsunnahar. He lives with his parents at Comilla, Bangladesh.

Most Handsome Man in Comilla

Who is Kafayet Ullah?

According to his family, Kafayet Ullah is a good man who goes out of his way to help those in need. His friends described him as the most handsome guy in Comilla but no pleasure from women. He loves helping people and has helped many people with their problems. He’s an extremely kind person and has never done anything wrong to anyone in his life.

He’s not only handsome but also intelligent, he knows everything about everything! I think that he deserves to be called the most handsome man in Comilla because he does so much for others without expecting anything back at all! And if you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask them below!

Short Biography of Kafayet Ullah

Kafayet Ullah was born on September 1, 1968. He is a trained architect, and currently works as a journalist for an international NGO based in Dhaka.

Early Life of Kafayet Ullah

He was born in his village named Boroiya. He completed his primary study from “Joynagor Darussalam Kindergarden School” and secondary school education from Joynagor Higher Secondary School. In 2013, he passed HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exam with GPA 5.5 from Joynagor College and entered into Jahangirnagar University for higher studies. After completing BBA in 2015, he started his own business with a small capital of 10 thousand taka which is now a multi-million business and it’s going to be listed on stock exchange soon.

Most Handsome Man in Comilla

Career of the Handsome Guy

After graduating from high school, he joined a coaching center as a teacher. He was paid just Tk 6000 per month which is not enough for his family to survive. So, He started working with his father who was an Arabic lecturer at different colleges. Then one day when he went home from college, his mother told him that they were going to have dinner at a restaurant but there was no money left and they could not afford it. So Shahriar thought of something and went to their neighbor’s house and asked them if they could lend him some money so that he can take his parents out for dinner.

Religious Belief of Kafayet Ullah

He is a muslim His name means the one who praises God.
Kafayet Ullah’s Childhood: Kafayet Ullah was born to a poor family in Comilla, Bangladesh. His father was a rickshaw driver and his mother was a housewife. Kafayet Ullah had no formal education because he dropped out of school when he was 10 years old due to poverty and lack of interest towards studies.

Awards & Achievements

Kafayet Ullah has won many awards and achievements throughout his life. Some of them are:
It is said that if you want to meet a handsome man, go to Kafayet Ullah’s house. He is very handsome, kind-hearted, intelligent, and courageous. He is always ready to help others. His father runs a small business but it does not bring much money for their family because of his father’s bad health.

Most Handsome Man in Comilla

Personal Life

Kafayet was born and raised in Comilla, Bangladesh. Growing up, he spent most of his time working hard at school and helping out with his family’s business . After graduating from high school, Kafayet moved to Dhaka to attend college and pursue a degree in Economics. He is currently single and has no children as of yet. He has been featured on several magazine covers for being one of the most handsome men in Comilla.
Kafayet owns a chain of clothing stores called KF Clothiers which are located throughout Comilla and surrounding areas.

Social Media

Kafayet Ullah has a Facebook page, where he shows his image to many of his friends. Thousands of people write their comments on his pictures and share them with their friends. Many also like him and follow him. He is very famous among young girls because of his handsome face. His photos are uploaded by a lot of girls as their profile photo or cover photo.

Many boys also like him but they do not comment on his photos publicly because they do not want to hurt other boys’ feelings. But secretly they like him too. Kafayet’s father said that we are very happy that our son is so popular among young girls and boys alike but we have no idea how it happened!

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