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1st Part of Smell of the Game Lyrics:

smell of the game lyrics
The smell of the game lyrics

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smell of the game lyrics
The smell of the game lyrics

What does Smell of the Game Lyrics mean?

What is going on with this tune? How do the verses need to manage the legend or game? Wtf does a game smell like? I’ve been making a decent attempt to sort out the verses of the tune and attempt to acquire some set by it however I do not know what the man is referring to Any hints? This is the thing I’m hearing ” Daddies horse poo raising!” “Still my heart is bursting!” “In the event that the words kill me, I needn’t bother with another world over You” “Soon you will know” “we definitely know the smell of the game”

Answer:The Smell of the Game Lyrics” is sort of surprising to me that individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about this, yet “game” is one more word for “prey,” as in creatures you chase. Like, you know, deer or bunnies or whatever. Do you have at least some idea how wild meat is called gamey? Or then again the expression “major game hunting?” In any case, it signifies, “We can as of now smell our prey.” It’s simply English.

Answer: Better believe it, that is how I decipher it as well. “We realize the reason why we’re here, we’re prepared to battle, we should do this current.” It’s a festival of Guilty Gear and its legacy. “Blasting, still my heart is bursting” – Gear has been around for some time, we’re actually consuming for a decent battle. It’s simply a sort of rubbish refrain with an overall vibe great, blood-siphoning tone. It makes you want to toss down with your old top picks.

Answer: Damn… that is some great ass Guilty Gear

Answer: Very sharp feet there my dear.

Answer: This is some way that helps me to remember that disagreeable trick at EVO…

Answer: I think” Smell of the Game Lyrics” alludes to, knowing its idea, such as knowing the smell of the game, would resemble being acquainted with its vibe?? Idk

Answer: In addition, it’s not, “That is horse crap detonating.” It’s “That is bologna! Exploding, still, my heart is impacting!”

Answer: It very well may be a Japanese colloquialism, yet I accept that it’s simple words, that sounded cool in the creator’s head.

Answer: That melody is essentially an ars poetica for the forthcoming game, given the other stuff we are familiar it up to this point.

Answer: you don’t figure out it. you simply embrace the promotion/recoil.

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