Is Online Gambling a Major Concern for Russians?

Roskomnadzor (RKN) published on its website a quarterly report for the period from July to September. This report has some interesting data on complaints about prohibited online content. What is most interesting, according to their data, online gambling is the most worrying thing for Russian citizens.

What do you think, how many requests are received on average by the RKN regarding online casinos? For the third quarter, they received 63,215 such hits. That's an average of 21,000 per month and 687 per day. If you do the math, you get an average of about 1 hit every two minutes. Not surprisingly, the RKN blocks gambling sites in huge numbers.

Online gambling outperforms its closest rival, drug trafficking (19,415) by more than three times in terms of referrals. Child pornography is almost on par with suicide calls, with 10,105 and 9,180 hits, respectively.

At first glance, it is surprising that the most innocuous of all four topics causes such a flood of complaints. But if you think about it, this may just be the result of active advertising of online gambling.

There are a number of operators, among them blacklisted operators, who do not miss any opportunity to insert their advertisement. They make high-profile commercials and insert them into films. For example, you don't get drug ads when you watch movies online.

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